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About Zethos

Zethos Consulting was founded to assist clients in selecting, upgrading or implementing a new ERP systems. We pride ourselves in understanding standard business practices and ensure that regardless of the application being implemented, we reduce the number of customizations.

If it is not a differentiating criteria that gives our customers a competitive advantage, we work with the business to change a non-standard business processes to conform to a standard process.

Our customer testimonials speak to our expertise and the results we deliver. We know what it takes to make a large global ERP project successful. Our experience in business and systems is a unique combination.

Some background on the founder of Zethos Consulting.

Chris Alegria

As a founder of Zethos Consulting, Chris Alegria has 22 years of project management, software development and information technology consulting experience. Chris has delivered large scale software development solutions, package system implementations, strategic assessments, and enterprise application integration projects for clients in the financial, manufacturing, high tech and forest products industries.

Prior to Zethos, Chris was eBusiness consulting practice lead for Equarius in Seattle, Vice President of the Seattle office of Complete Business Solutions, Inc. Previous to CBSI, Chris held management and technical positions for several companies in the manufacturing and financial industries. He graduated from Boise State University.